The hair is barometer of body & reflect factors such as poor nutrition, systematic problems, medication side effects & stress! Many have misconception and confusion about hair loss and hair thining. The science and knowledge of Trichologist will assist to get past the anxiety related to hair loss and hair thinning.

This is a specifically design service to understand precise hair issues. During consultation detail health history will be taken to help and understand the correct disorder and diagnosis of problem. Microscopic and digital examination will be done to understand hairloss stage. Learning about conditions of hair and understanding the likely cause for particular problem, will help to develop a recovery plan. If require, this consultation can be extended to Hair Follicle Analysis during which a microscopic analysis will be used to know hair bulb condition and the results will be stored and compared in future to track the progress.

This session may take up to 45 minutes : $120

Follow up consultation 15-20 minutes : $45

*(First consultation includes hair follicle analysis too : $165)


After consultation this analysis can be suggested mainly to identify hair follicle condition. Around 2-3 hair strands need to epilate from different parts of scalp. Microscope with various lenses will be used for diagnosis and to help understand specific hair bulb condition.

Magnified images of the scalp, hair, and hair follicles that are viewed will be stored and will help  to compare the results and progress in the later stages as required. (Please note, these images are very graphic, however they will help to identify the accurate condition of scalp).

This session may take up to 20-25 minutes : $45

and is advisable not to wash hair for 24-48 hours prior to check up.


This is one of the best and new cutting edge technology treatment Dr.Padmaja provide at Hairmantra Hair and Scalp Clinic for both male and female pattern hairloss.This treatment is supervised by Trichologist, where regular progress will be recorded through photos and microscopic check-ups. Cold laser beams stimulate hair follicles to regrow hair and ultimately thickens the width of the hair. Low Level Laser Therapy

( LLLT) is very safe, non-invasive and easy to use at your own comfort anytime in a day wherever you are.



This treatment also known as Photo- bio-therapy. The low level lasers are not hot cutting laser beams, they are cold laser beams which penetrate 650nm inside the scalp to stimulate hair follicles. DHT i.e. Dihydrotestosterone is associated with androgenetic alopecia. LLLT helps to prohibit the action of DHT around hair follicles and this makes easier to get proper nutrition to the hair.

At Hairmantra Hair And Scalp Clinic Dr. Padmaja advise Capillus272 Pro, Capillus82, and Capillus202 which are cleared by the US FDA for the hair regrowth in females and males with hereditary hair loss. Capillus laser cap is perfect for modern lifestyle as it is very easy to use. Capillus Laser Caps provide affordability to buy new cutting edge technology that promises and shows amazing hair growth results with proven 98% success rate. 


Low Level Laser Therapy treatment have shown great results

for Alopecia that causes after Chemotherapy. Usually after

having Chemotherapy, hair goes into dormancy period.


Laser therapy helps to enhance hair regrowth as quick as

possible, as this devise reenergizes inactive hair follicles.

This ia a great treatment option for those who want to

increase hair regrowth and those who are fighting to

get hair back.  

In clinic Laser Treatment is suggested per weekly once or twice as required which takes around 25-30 minutes along with scalp massager and wooden brush stokes for quick bold circulation all over the scalp : $55

Don't wait to talk about any issue related to Hair loss or Hair thinning. Get the professional and confidential treatment at your own convenience at Hairmantra Hair And Scalp Clinic. 



A comprehensive protocol created specifically for hair regrowth, this holistic approach combines both vitamins and herbal combinations to improve the productivity of treatment.

In order to prevent wastage, overdose, and interaction of nutrients, Grace Biogen has formulated a course of 6 oral supplements given twice a weekly to provide the correct amount of micro nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to ensure each dose offers maximum sufficiency. Cyclical therapy uses a unique combination of two nutritional formulations per day over a three day cycle to cover six nutritional supplements. Low dose distribution enhances efficiency and assures safety.

This approach invites the hair into the growth phase, providing the nutrition required for rapid cell division to create new anagen hair and maintain scalp hygiene.

Cyclical therapy can be combined with the use of LLLT (Laser Therapy), along with external applications that maintain a clean and healthy scalp. Often results can be seen in the first 4 month cycle.

Hair Fact is produced by Grace Biogen, an Australian owned and operated company. All products are made in their state of the art facilities located in the outer suburbs of Sydney. The supplements are not only TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia) approved but also FDA and GMP certified. All products endure strict testing and quality controls to ensure the finished products are of the highest of standards. Grace Biogens’ advanced clinical research foundries and laboratories are led by a team of specialist technicians.


Ask Trichologist Dr.Padmaja how Hair Fact Cyclical Vitamin therapy can be incorporated into your hair loss prevention program for better results!


This is a non-surgical procedure where the visible scalp gets covered with hair thickening fibres.


The HRC-Hair thickening fibres are made from 100% unique, moroccan cotton based natural keratin. These fibres are completely natural and organic product and will not have any side effects on most skins. They are electro-statically charged that attach the vellus hair (smaller hair) to terminal hair (longer hair). Once sprinkled on visible scalp, it gets covered and easily washes out with any shampoo.

There are different colours available that will suit most shades of hair.


If used along with a hair spray it will help to stick the hair fibres for a prolonged time on the scalp.


Now, you can show your crowning glory proudly, without hiding it!


If you are unsure of Trichology care would be of benefit to your specific hair concern, we offer complimentary assessment. Use this time to meet Certified Trichologist and discuss your hair issues and goals. At this appointment, the trichologist Dr.Padmaja will assess your hair and perform some basic tests to determine if trichology care may benefit you.

Ready to experience Trichology care for your hair?

Contact Hairmantra Hair and Scalp Clinic today to get started!

Appointments can be arranged according to suitable time!


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